Ioan Moldovan

Ethical Hacker | System Administrator | Software Developer | Entrepreneur  

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Aspiring to Perfection

My motto in life, become the company slogan

  • Never take "No" for an answer
    There is nothing that can't be done, sure it may not be easy, but I like to think anything is possible with enough dedication.
  • Never give up
    If at first you don't succeed, try and try again.
    Sometimes, things don't turn out as expected, but with persistence anything is possible.
  • Never take shortcuts
    Do it right, make it the way it's supposed to be, there is never a valid excuse to cut corners (not even a little bit!)

Latest Projects

Straight from the foundry: Fresh, Bold and Secure


SSH authentication on your PC using nothing except your Phone!

Chess Run

Hush, don't whisper, it's a secret Oct2021


Query the certificates on your computer

ASM Web Server

Proof of concept web server in 64-bit Assembly (Intel syntax)